Creating Livable – Healthy - Sustainable homes

A livable, healthy and sustainable home supports the well-being of the occupants in many different ways.

Livable homes focus on design elements that consider how the occupants can live in their home for all stages of their life, which includes safe and easy access around the home.
Livable design features are best incorporated during the design of a new home, with some elements able to be incorporated during a home renovation.
By designing a home that takes into account the occupants needs now and providing good accessibility into the future this means spending less money on the cost associated with selling and buying another home, staying in your community and achieving more efficient use of resources. Green Design Solutions can advise on the design and inclusion of livable housing features.

Healthy homes focus on the decisions you can make in building design, material selection and the internal fit out to create a low allergy, healthy and comfortable home.
By designing a home that focuses on creating good indoor air quality during the design of a new home or renovation a lot can be done to reduce unhealthy levels of airborne particles and gases. Healthy homes considers the selection of building materials, ventilation of the home, painted surfaces, adhesives, flooring materials, heating and cooling systems and cooking appliances. Green Design Solutions can advise on the design features and materials used to help achieve a healthy and low allergy home.

Sustainable homes focus on using energy, water and resources efficiently, whilst remaining comfortable for the occupants and costing less to run.
The design of a sustainable home will incorporate passive design principles which respond to the local climate and surrounding environment and constructed using environmentally efficient building materials, reducing the homes environmental impact even further. The key elements of passive solar design commences with good orientation and appropriate room layout to bring warmth to living areas in winter and shade protection in summer, therefore limiting energy costs in running the home. Green Design Solutions can advise on the design features and materials to help achieve your sustainable home.

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