Green Design Solutions is a Melbourne based consultancy service that offers a unique experience for the client looking to build or renovate homes and buildings applying green principles.

Green Design Solutions provides a turn-key service to clients by exploring green features (design and material selection), focusing on client values, developing a concept to meet client needs, advising on the inclusion of green design principles, materials and products into the concept plans and working drawings and advising on the incorporation of the green features in the building process and with a focus on the sub architect market.

Green Design Solutions is focused on providing integrated solutions and a turn-key consultancy service across all stages from concept to design to construct that meets your individual needs.

Green Design Solutions can advise on fitting out the home to contribute to healthy homes for the occupants and overseeing the creation of green walls, green roofs and sustainable gardens.

At Green Design Solutions we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, where clear and timely communication contributes to the project’s success.

Whatever your reason in considering a greener solution at Green Design Solutions we can help you to achieve this.

Contact us at info@greendesignsolutions.com.au to discuss your needs.